kel (kelbel488) wrote in letsmakesexxx,

youre hott

WAIT! do not delete the community. but i think that this 'layout' definately sucks alissa!! haha. its really lame. lol. you tried, its alright. you can stick to webmd. let holly do it! :-D

sex me later alright?

[EDIT] i'll give the layout thing a try.....but if i screw up then holly can do it...shes better than me anyways.

[EDIT AGAIN] i think this layout you already did is pretty hott....i just dont like the colors but i dont really know what to do with them so yeah...i kinda messed with it but eh. so alissa? make any babies lately? im getting my cell phone this weekend. i can leave you messages that make you feel sexy...and you can leave me messages that make me feel sexy. although i feel sexy all of the time. cause im hott. im sure you do too. i f-ing love holly. where is she!?
<3333333333333sexxme <3kle
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