::we looked like giants:: (imafatcowmoooo) wrote in letsmakesexxx,
::we looked like giants::

name- kristin
age- 15
state- VA
gender- female

band(s)- co & ca, death cab, the used, yeah yeah yeahs, emery
movies- cheats, love & sex, donnie darko, ahh i can't think of any right now!
hobby- wasting my time, procrastinating, dance dance revolution! (i did that all day today at the arcade haha), AIM, LIVE JOURNAL!, internet things
umm.. anything else- lets make sex is the hottnesssss

something(s) interesting about you- i wish i was a magician

okay this is always fun for me and holly.. hehe
what is the first thing you think of when you hear the folllowing words?-

sex- LET'S MAKE IT!!!! =D
fudge- some annoying people use this word instead of "fuck". so say it already!
computer- slooow
alissa- childhood class mate
music- bliss
bhfjkla- fhgwghads!!
lj- livejournal (wow. that wasn't generic.)
window- of opportunity
college- san francisco art institute
paper- pencil
art- beautiful
text- type writer
cookies- cake
vegetarian- green
prom- mixer
boyfriends- missing one =(

love you ladies!!!!

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