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what up.

name- Andy
age- 17
state- ArizonA
gender- MALE

band(s)- Atreyu, Bright Eyes, Tsunami Bomb, Nirvana and others
movies- Star Wars, Ancor Man, Old School and prolly some others
hobby- Video Games
umm.. anyhting else- 27.

something(s) interesting about you- I'm a Boy.

okay this is always fun for me and holly.. hehe
what is the first thing you think of when you hear the folllowing words?-

sex- Bat
fudge- Pudding Monster
computer- Porn
alissa- Pretty Girl
dance- Dance Revolution
music- Screams
bhfjkla- asfdwqre
lj- LL Cool j
window- Nazi
college- Paper
paper- College
art- Squiggly Lines
text- Stupid Juice Box.
cookies- Cookie Monster
vegetarian- Animals
prom- Pretty Dresses.
boyfriends- I wish i was gay or a girl so i could have a boyfriends

Yep i dunno what else to say... i just woke up. yea, IM me on AIM or whatever. AIM name is zell811. kk later kids.
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